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iOS Development Bootcamp

I am very excited to say that I have decided to join an iOS development bootcamp to reinforce and improve my Swift skills and get further experience with frameworks such as SwiftUI, networking, data and design patterns and architecture.

I chose the Ray Wenderlich Bootcamp, a 12+ week programme that shall give a strong foundation in Swift while building modern, stylish apps in Xcode. As mentioned by the Ray Wenderlich team:

You’ll use UIKit, SwiftUI, Interface Builder and other tools to build flexible, responsive layouts. You’ll then bring more logic and complexity into your apps as you tackle networking, concurrency, data persistence and design patterns. By the end of this accelerated bootcamp, you’ll have real-world skills, along with solid portfolio and interview preparation, that will put you ahead of the rest in the iOS app developer job market.

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Week 1

This week marks the beginning of the bootcamp and we have been prepped by the mentors to cover the material in the portal (videos, sample code, etc) as well as setting up other tools to facilitate the bootcamp, including Google Docs and GitHub to share our work and Discord to communicate with each other.

We have been organised in teams and I will be curious to see what sort of activity (if any) we will be asked to accomplish as a team. At the moment is has been more of a way to reduce the conversations into smaller groups.

  • Week 1 has gone really quickly and the content for this week has been as follows:
  • Xcode, Swift basics, Intro to SwiftUI (app structure, controls, navigation, layout), Git.
  • Your First iOS & SwiftUI App Designing the App Beginning Git

I have tried to help some of my classmates in Discord and today I received by first “coins” (think brownie points colleagues can award you). During the sessions we have build a first working app using SwiftUI. In this case it is a game called Bull’s Eye, an accuracy game where the main aim is to put the bull’s eye, which is on a slider that goes from 1 to 100, as close to a randomly chosen target value as you can.

I have set up a GitHub repo to track my progress and here are some screenshots of the app build this week:

Can’t wait for the material for the following week!!

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