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iOS Development – Jelly Belly

As I mentioned last time, I have enrolled in an iOS bootcamp to reinforce my iOS and Swift skills. As part of the bootcamp we are asked to choose a project to develop into a full fledged app by the end of the bootcamp. I have chosen to work on implementing a Minimal Contact Restaurant app.

I introduce to you Jelly Belly, an app aimed for restaurant owners to manage their customers with minimum contact, when customer is seated at a restaurant table. The name is an homage (should that be “catage“? 🤔) to some food my cat likes eating… 😸


The app has been designed with a small colour palette based around pink and blue, as used in the logo created. I started with a wireframe and after that a higher definition design was created. I used the latter to build the app.The designs are available here:

Jelly Belly


The first assignment consists in implementing 2 screens:

  • Home – This is the first screen in the app and serves as the home screen to welcome the user
  • Onboarding – This serves as a description of the app and at the moment we are asked to list a few of the features that the app will have.

I like the idea of having the features listed while developing the app, however I am not sure about the usefulness of this list once the app is finished. I would like to think that we will either replace this screen or phase it out completely at some point.

So far so good. Let’s see what the second week brings!

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