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a person wearing a chroma key suit

Green Screen Revamp

Green Screens Get a Revamp with a Magenta Green Screen In a recent paper , Dmitry Smirnov and co-authors from Netflix report the creation of a method they call Magenta Green Screen. In this case the action is… Read More »Green Screen Revamp

To Be Creative…

To be creative, you have to think differently, we have a tendency to be labelled strange, crazy, and even insane.  The Disordered Mind by Erik R. Kandel.

Now Reading: Dune

It is one (or actually several) of those books you have always heard something about, but actually never read it… Now Reading: Dune by Frank Herbert. I think it is high time I change that.… Read More »Now Reading: Dune

Data Skeptic Podcast

I had an opportunity to be one of the panellists in the Data Skeptic podcast recently. It was great to have been invited and as a listener to the podcast it was a really treat… Read More »Data Skeptic Podcast

Life of Brian

Great to have been able to watch Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s we-welease and during Easter. I has aged well! And remember: “He’s not the Messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!!”