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iOS Development – Week 12

It seems like it was only yesterday that I started my iOS Development Bootcamp. In between, I learned a lot about new frameworks provided by Apple, made some new friends and have an app to showcase! Even changed its name to Kodeco! Imagine!

Talking about my app, this was the last week of formal work. There was a lot of optional information (more on that later) and the main thing was to sharpen up the capstone project we have been building over the previous 11+ weeks. In my case, I have taken the opportunity of cleaning the project and polishing a couple of things in the app, for example long dish names from the API were not aligning correctly the menu view and there were a few items that were not being used or was replaced with more “modern” code. It is by no means a finished product, and there are plenty of things that I would like to continue working on.

However, the bootcamp is coming to an end and this week (i.e. Week 13) is all about showcasing apps and graduation. So this is probably going to be the last blog entry in the series, but I intend to continue working on my iOS apps and skills. So if you have any projects you are thinking of developing and need an eager iOS engineer, let me know.

Finally, as part of our app showcasing, we have been asked to prepare a video and here is mine.

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