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Quantum magic squares

Quantum magic squares In a new paper in the Journal of Mathematical Physics, Tim Netzer and Tom Drescher from the Department of Mathematics and Gemma De las Cuevas from the Department of Theoretical Physics have… Read More »Quantum magic squares

The Year 2019 in Physics

Physicists saw a black hole for the first time, debated the expansion rate of the universe, pondered the origin of time and modeled the end of clouds. — Read on

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics

Ashkin, Mourou, and Strickland share 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics Left to right: Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou, and Donna Strickland. Credits: Bell Labs, Alexis Cheziere/CNRS Photothèque, and University of Waterloo Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou, and… Read More »2018 Nobel Prize in Physics

Physics Wold

Now reading my monthly issue of “Physics Wolrd”.   An interesting Focus issue on biomedical physics. This article on developing clinical partnerships is a recommended read.