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SOPA blackout


Wikipedia is opposed to the US Stop Online Piracy Act aka SOPA and Protect Intellectual Property Act aka PIPA.
Other websites are also taking part in the blackout, such as Reddit and WordPress. For the full list of websites taking action against SOPA and PIPA today, check out the SOPA Strike website.

7 thoughts on “SOPA blackout”

  1. SOPA act: USA will loose first position on the web.
    Mess with the web?!!, far more complex old media think.
    Only stupids politicians go along. Will cost your election, at least next next one.
    triggering a western spring/summer!

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  6. Web owners across the globe really should protest in opposition to these new limitations on our world wide web liberties. When these policies are approved, our way of life will never be the same again.

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