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English: Beard type - fullbeard Česky: Typ vou...
English: Beard type – fullbeard Česky: Typ vousu – plnovous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to grow a beard might seem easy: you just let it do that, grow… However, I am just realising there is more to meet the eye, or the beard as it were. I have played with a bit of a Wolverine look some years ago (before the films I have you know), but I had never gone for a beard per se, until recently.

It is going OK, but keeping it seems to require a bit more than just waiting and scratching. So, coming up with some tips, first of all for my own benefit, and perhaps for fellow bearded-chaps. Of course, if you have any good tips, I would be happy to hear from you:

  1. Keep it clean! Sounds silly, but a bit of shampooing makes a difference.
  2. Get a little beard comb and use it to tidy it up. It may also help to tame it as it grows.
  3. Oil or wax… still unsure about this. Oil is under experiment – may help taming it too.
  4. Like hair, trimming it makes for a better look.
  5. Shape – if interested in a goatee, a Franz-Josef or a Klingon look, you are better off shaping it from the start.
  6. Wait… you may not like it at first, but wait until it has grown and see the full effect.
  7. Still working on the beard stroking… it seems to come natural. If it makes you look like a super-villain perhaps best to avoid (or not…)

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