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Wet Socks

It’s raining outside. I have to say that of all weather, rain is one of the most interesting ones. Rain is cold. Rain is wet (great discovery, eh?) . Some people talk about curling up in bed on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea (or coffee, depending on your criteria), and listening to the rain fall. Some others prefer going out and literally sing in the rain. I particularly enjoy the smell of the grass after a heavy rain despite any heyfever attacks. Of course to get the best from that experience you have to be in a nice part of the countryside, otherwise the smell could be utterly awful…

On the other hand, the most horrible thing that can happen when it rains is wet socks. Rain creates puddles, which makes my socks wet. And I really hate wet socks. There’s just something about wet socks that is just terribly unpleasant. That is one of the few things that can drive me crazy, I just can’t stand that. I turn into a wet-sock monster. The worst case happened a few months ago while visiting a theme park in Paris (yes, the only time I’ve been to Paris was to see M. Mouse and I didn’t even see him). Anyway, right before taking the coach back to “rainy” England, the Flood started all of a sudden and this Swedish guy just made us go the wrong way!!! As a result we were completely soaked and obviously I had wet socks. The transformation happened… Needless to say that my feet were literally blue because of the colour of my trainers!!! For more information just ask my friend Ivette or even better Daniel Gunlycke (the Swedish bloke).
So, for my August Holiday, I would like to suggest a Perfect Weather Holiday. Yes, that’s right. This is of course a completely unrealistic holiday. But I think there ought to be a day where we can wake up, and say to ourselves, “I think a nice 23 and breezy for today would be absolutely fabulous”, and lo and behold, we get the weather that we desire. Just like a little gift from mother nature. And, if someone else wants different weather, it’s not a problem!!!. Because only you can feel the weather that you’ve requested.
Just think what you could do with the perfect weather. Outdoor weddings, trips to the beach, a carefully orchestrated cuddle session, a romp in the snow. The possibilities are endless. The perfect weather is a great gift in and of itself.
There’s only one rule on perfect weather day: you can’t be mean to others. Because the perfect weather can be marred by a bad mood. So, for the day, all stress and bad moods shall be banished to the dark corners of our mind, and we will concentrate only on having fun.
Pretty tricky, huh. And that’s how you can tell that I have been reading entirely too many science fiction/fantasy novels. Perhaps sometime in the future we will be able to control what weather we each experience in our own little worlds. But for now, unfortunately, I am going to have to deal with the dreary, ever present rain.
And I will wear sandals to avoid the wet socks.
(Written: August 2001. I have since been several times to Paris on proper visits!)