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Yesterday I had the chance to attend the first conference in London. It was a fully packed day with lots of interesting speakers and fun people. The variety of the talks was quite good and most of the presentations were very well prepared. I was surprised at the bad use of video in a couple of the talk in the morning session, but apart from that it was all very good.

I ended up winning a print and it is not decorating one of the walls at home. You can see a picture at the end of the gallery below. The conference tool place at Protein in the heart of Hipsterland (aka Shoreditch) and it was a well attended event.

I particularly enjoyed the talk by David McCandless who turned out to be the mystery guest. Similarly, the presentation by Pascal Raabe about memories was very good and inspiring. Another good presentation was the “smelly” talk given by Kate McLean.

Andy Kirk gave a view about the Design of Time and you can see the slides here.

If you are interested in seeing what twitter was saying before, during and after the conference, check this page.

Finally, the conference was at Eventfire archived here, and I am surprised to see that I was the top contributor according to them! :D