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The Magic of Guinness Surger

A few weeks ago I went to a cinema in Clapham, I can’t really remember what I went to see.. anyway at the bar I asked for a couple of pints of Guinness. They seemed to have draft Guinness, so I was a bit confused when the girl behind the bar reached for the fridge and got two cans of the black stuff.

I was even more surprised when she poured the cans and the liquid look flat, flatter than iced tea… That Guinness is not right! I was about to mention this when she put the glass over a metallic plate, pressed a button and before my eyes the creamy texture of my pint of Guinness materialised before my eyes.

What was that? I needed to know. I asked if I could have a look at some of the cans and I did. The girl mentioned that you apparently could order a crate and they would send you the device to release an sonic pulse to get your Guinness just right… Well, I could not help trying the experiment myself and so, here is a video of the magic of Guinness Surger. Enjoy!