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Now Reading: Dune

It is one (or actually several) of those books you have always heard something about, but actually never read it… Now Reading: Dune by Frank Herbert. I think it is high time I change that.… Read More »Now Reading: Dune

Now Reading: Foundation

Now reading: Asimov’s Foundation. Actually it is a re-reading…

Reading Time

Well, it seems that I have enough time to catch up with my reading. A good dose of Mathematics Today, Physics World and RSA Journal 🤓

Now Reading: Hearing

Now reading: Hearing, an introduction & practical guide. Edited by JR Tysome and RG Kanegaonkar Hearing Hearing is essential for normal communication. We are able to localise sound with surprising accuracy and can detect time… Read More »Now Reading: Hearing

Now Reading: Life on the Edge

Now reading: “Life on the Edge: the coming of age of quantum biology” by Jim Al-khalili and Johnjoe McFadden.