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Sushi burrito??

The so-called fusion of cuisines can work really rather well in many cases. The combination of culinary traditions such as Japanese and Portuguese to give rise to the great Tempura is an example of the success that can be achieved. In many (many) other cases it may not work all that well… thinks like Vietnamese spaghetti bolognese or sauerkraut pizza are not that appetising… right?

Walking around Lethenhall Market in London the other day, I came across a sign for a place that I will have to give a go one of these days:



20140712 Hai Street Kitchen

Yes, you read that right, the place is called “Hai Street Kitchen & co” and they claim to be “London’s first Sushi Burrito Bar”. Who knows probably the Japanse-Tex-Mex fusion may not be all that bad… May that just be a really fat futomaki without slicing? Or perhaps a temaki rolled by a not very experienced cook? or something much more elaborate than that… Well, I will have to go and find out.