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Southbank Centre Lift

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I was in the Southbank Centre last weekend to enjoy the view and have a drink. I usually use the stairs when I go there, but this time round I was persuaded to take the lift.

It was a very nice surprise getting to get to the 6th floor using the lift, and it was not because I did not have to walk. As I pressed the button that will take me to the floor of my choice, I started to feel that other people were there. It turns out that not only my weight was being lifted to the 6th floor, but also my spirits: The lift comes with its own choir and their song rises and falls in pitch to echo the  progression of the lift. This is a project by the artist Martin Creed,  Turner Prize winner in 2001 for Work No. 227, the one where the lights go on and off in an empty room.

You can listen to a recording of the lift below: