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Rugby World Cup Qualifiers – Mexico v Jamaica

Well, it seems that the qualifiers for the 2015 Rugby World Cup have started, and to kick them off, Mexico and Jamica had the first match in La Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe. I did spend some time in La Ibero and I am very pleased to see that they are supporting Rugby there.

The match gathered a respectable 2000 fans, the referee was Craig Joubert and they even brought the Webb Ellis Trophy for display. Lawrence Dallaglio was there as well. This was also the opener of the North American Caribbean Rugby Association championship. Mexico scored a total of nine tries, one of which was the make of Juan Pablo Andrade, Mexico’s captain and scrum-half. Mexico ended up winning 68-14.

Over the next three years, 80 countries will take part in the qualifications to claim one of the eight places in the 2015 World Cup. They will then join the 12 nations with guaranteed entry according to their performances at the 2011 edition in New Zealand.

Let’s see how this goes, but in the mean time, well done Mexico!

MEXICO: 1 Patrick Jouan 2 Carlos Prieto 3 Max Douek 4 Gonzalo Taddei 5 Erik Castillo 6 Luis Rosete 7 Fernando Herrejon (1 try) 8 Simon Pierre (1 try) 9 Juan Pablo Andrade (captain, 1 try) 10 Miguel Carner (1 try, 4 conversions, 2 penalties)11 Samuel Gythu Nyaga (1 try) 12 Pablo Pagano 13 Christian Henning (2 tries)14 Alejandro Chavez 15 Pascal Nadaud (1 try).

Replacements: 16 Juan Manuel Ceja Matamoros 17 Luis Hernandez Cruz 18 Roberto Calderon (1 try) 19 Pablo Pinedo 20 Bruno Rodriguez 21 Carlos Susarrey 22 Gerardo Gil Hernandez.

JAMAICA: 1 Romaine Campbell (1 try) 2 Robert Johnson 3 Sandino Hastings 4 Kemar Catwell 5 Edgar Herbine 6 Omar Jones 7 Chrisdan Grayson 8 Carlyle Burger (captain) 9 Andrew Hylton 10 Nicholas Pusey 11 Ronaldo Wade (1 try) 12 Tyrone Rowe 13 Donald Walters 14 Ryan Grant (2 conversions) 15 Joseph Shae.

Replacements: 16 Deryon Balfoure 17 Rahmone Goldbourne 18 Allessandro Allen 19 Hubert Thomas 20 Mohenjo Thompson 21 Kenneth Walker 22 Claude Yen.