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Now Reading: Trekonomics

As a self-confessed Star Wars fan, it is sometimes hard to admit the brilliance of Star Trek. I must admit that the Trekkie in me has, of recent, been more active.

So it was a great surprise to hear about this book by Manu Saadia: “Trekonomics”. It’s started reading it a couple of days ago and I am pleased to have started.

When we think of Star Trek we fixate on the gadgets and our-there tech. It is not unusual to get newspaper headlines telling us how engineers and scientists have managed to bring to like this or that “Star Trek device”. Nonetheless, the thing that should be more obvious is the one that hides in plain sight: How does the Star Trek universe answers the Keynesian “economic question” of allocating scarce resources, particularly under the premise of benefiting all and deprive no one?

Want to know more? Take a look at this book.




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