My favourite whiteboard

Institute of Mathematical SciencesLast Wednesday I was visiting some people in the Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Imperial College London. I knew that they were going to move from the building College had refurbished for them a few years ago, but I didn’t know where they would end up (at the time, I don’t think they knew either).

It turns out that at the end of March, the IMS moved to the 12th floor of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering building at Imperial College. It is indeed a but strange to see the listing by the lifts, where the top floor says “Complexity and Networks (Mathematics Department)” and “Controlled Quantum Dynamics (Physics Department)”. In any case, I tool the lift to the 11th floor (yes, the lift stops at floor 11, then you take the stairs one more floor) and I was marvelled at the new-ness of the place. It does make a huge difference to have a newly refurbished working area!

There were two more sources of marvel, one the fantastic view that you get from almost anywhere in the floor. This is helped by the open plan they have and by the fact that they have not put partitions yet. You can see central London with the London Eye and all of that! The second source was what I believe is my favourite whiteboard… or rather whitewall.

One of the corridors in the 12th floor has been painted with special whiteboard paint that transforms an otherwise boring wall into a fantastic place to write equations and diagrams. It is great!!!! I want one!!!

Institute of Mathematical SciencesInstitute of Mathematical Sciences WhiteboardInstitute of Mathematical Sciences WhiteboardInstitute of Mathematical Sciences WhiteboardInstitute of Mathematical Sciences



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