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LondonR – Shiny

I had the chance to attend the latest LondonR meeting last week. It was a good interesting gathering and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was well attended by a variety of like-minded people.

The meeting had talks by

  • Andy South – Making beautiful world maps with country-referenced data using rworldmap and other R packages
  • Malcolm Sherrington – Algorithmic Trading with R
  • Chris Beeley – Shiny happy web interfaces – Shiny, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shiny Server working together

I am also very pleased that I managed to be on time to answer the question that Chris Beeley put on the day to win a digital copy of his book Web application development with R using Shiny. The book is available form Packt Publishing, Thanks to Chris Beeley and Packt for the book.


web app


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