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I’m not a scientist, but I had a go… Students during work experience

During the last five days Adam Bekele and Oscar Price were visiting the Photonics Group at Imperial College, where they had a go a understanding some laser theory. Here is what they have to say about this week… Ah, and please check out the Quantum Tunnel Podcast, where Oscar and Adam will tell us more about lasers! (I will let you all know when the podcast is actually available)

Adam Bekele

After a week’s work at Imperial College I have gained a lot of understanding about the works of researching physicists and high level PhD students. Dr Jesús Rogel- Salazar has introduced us to both theoretical and experimental physicists. The students showed us what they were currently researching and what their day to day work entails. It has been immensely inspiring.

We have especially been working on explaining certain behaviours of LASERs. Amongst many other things, we used methods of differential equation to solve the rate of emitted photons through stimulated emission, therefore showing how lasers are created. It has been really useful as it has really accentuated my perception of how interrelated mathematics and physics are. The week has certainly lived up to my expectations and beyond, and I thank Imperial College and especially Dr Jesus Rogel-Salazar.

oscar2Oscar Price
As expected, my week at imperial has taught me a lot; what was not so expected was the relaxed nature of the students and staff I was working with. The apprehension I had of Imperial College could not have been further from the truth, nowhere could I find the strict controlling lecturers I had so frequently depicted.

Aside from the College itself, I was also surprised by the high levels of physics I encountered, the surprising aspect being the uncertainty of it all. I used to think of physics as being one of the most black and white subjects there was, how wrong I was. My discovery of this uncertainty has only deepened my interest in the subject and added to the countless questions already in my head. I thank Imperial College and Dr Jesús Rogel-Salazar for these questions and I hope to show my appreciation by answering them in the years to come.


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