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I’m a Scientist… interview with Paula Salgado – Quantum Tunnel Podcast

You can download and listed to this episode here.

Have you ever heard about “I’m a scientists, get me out of here?”… Yes you read it correctly, SCIENTIST!

If you follow some pop culture you might be familiar with “I’m a celebrity…”, the drama of reality TV is now available in the classroom thanks to a group of people that adapted the idea and created a truly innovative way to bring science and scientists to the classroom.

In this episode, the Quantum Tunnel Podcast talked to Paula Salgado, a structural biologist at Imperial College London. She took part in the most recent edition of “I’m a scientist…” and she tells us all about the great experience she had.

If you want to find out more about the scheme, please visit the I’m a scientist website.


The proton could be smaller than previously thought
Scientists from the Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics in Germany have recently revealed that the proton might be smaller than previously thought. According to the results of the experiment reported in the journal Nature, the proton is 4% smaller.

The Earth could be younger than we thought
A new geological study published in the journal Nature Geosciences has provided us with a more precise age for our planet. The international team involved in the study estimated that the Earth is about 70 million years younger than previously thought.

Solar plane flies overnight
Its name is Dolar Impulse HB-SIA and it is a prototype for a solar plane which recently accomplished the challenge of flying about 26 hours using only solar energy. The aircraft has the same length of an Airbus A340, a wing span of 64 metres and a weight of 600 kilos.

Eclipse in Chile y Argentina
People in southern Chile and Argentina, as well some islands in the southern hemisphere were among the few fortunate to have witnessed a total solar eclipse on Sunday, July 11th. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and thus blocking the light from the Sun, projecting a shadow on the Earth.

Plastic that degrades in a matter of seconds
Students form the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in México have invented a plastic made out of maize, which is non toxic, it can be consumed and it degrades in water or soil in a matter of seconds. In general, other plastics are manufactured using toxic materials and it takes years for them to be degrades.


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