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I’m a doctor… just not a medical one…

I could not help smiling widely as I was leaving that shop earlier on today… Why? Well, I was there to buy some bits and pieces. I arrived listening to some music and once inside the shop I hang my headphones around my neck. When I approached the counter the following conversation happened:


– “Is that all, love? Have you got a loyalty card?” – She asked

– “That’s all, thanks. No, I don’t have a loyalty card” – I replied

– “Oh, are you a doctor?” – She said

– “Ehhh?!” – I muttered, wondering how she knew… then realising she had mistaken my headphones by a stethoscope.  – “Oh, well, no…” –  I continued – “… well yes, I’m a doctor, just not a medical one” – I eventually replied. 

– “Mmm, so what sort of doctor are you then?” – she queried

– “I’m a physicist…” – I shyly responded.

– “Oh really” –  said the customer next to me – “have you watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’? It’s very funny”. 

– “Yes, I have…” – I said – “very funny, yes… sometimes too close to home” – I confided.

– “Really?” – exclaimed both of them at the same time, with the customer adding “oh how exciting!!”.

– “Yes… oh well, thanks. Catch you later” – I said as I was leaving the place. 

English: Logo from the television program The ...
English: Logo from the television program The Big Bang Theory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)