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Happy New Year full of data!

Happy New Year: Data O’reilly Media

We’re ringing in the New Year with a look at 10 of our top Radar data posts of 2014. Take a look and see what you missed.Happy New Year

  1. Big data’s big ideas
  2. Questioning the Lambda Architecture
  3. Why the data center needs an operating system
  4. Untapped opportunities in AI
  5. “It works like the brain.” So?
  6. One man willingly gave Google his data. See what happened next.
  7. What is deep learning, and why should you care?
  8. Why local state is a fundamental primitive in stream processing
  9. There are many use cases for graph databases and analytics
  10. Scaling NoSQL databases: 5 tips for increasing performance
We hope that 2014 was amazing and 2015 surpasses it in every way. Thanks for sharing a little of your time with us every week during 2014.