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Getting the latest version of Jekyll to work

jekyllI have been playing on and off with Jekyll and I find it very interesting, useful and once installed, easy tool for creating posts. However, the installation may or may not be that easy. Last time I installed it using Ruby directly and did not bother updating it for a while.

Recently I decided to update it and this time I decided to do that with the help of the fantastic Homebrew.

Everything seemed to work fine except that discountkept on complaining. So started afresh and this time round the terminal complained saying:

-bash: jekyll: command not found

The problem was easy to solve once I remembered that brew places the code in the brew Cellar and thus Ruby could not find the gem directory. So I simply added the correct path and exported it:

export PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/ruby/2.1.1/bin

et voilà!

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