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Getting Gephi 0.8.2 to work with a Mac

Facebook Network Visualized with Gephi
Facebook Network Visualized with Gephi (Photo credit: yaph)

Ever since the previous Java update for the mac, my Gephi installation was not happy. I resorted to uninstalling version 0.8.2-beta and going back to 0.8.1. Not a bad version, but definitely not one with the latest updates. Well, at least it worked, did not freeze or panicked when trying to click on the menus. :D

I am very pleased to say that I have managed to get my installation of Gephi 0.8.2-beta working and here it is how:

Edit the contents of the package located in


To do so you can right-click on the Gephi application and open “Show Package Contents”. You can then navigate to the location mentioned above. I used Aquamacs to edit the file, but you can use your favourite plain-text editor.

Towards the beginning of the file add the following line:


Save the file and start Gephi as usual. This did the trick for me. I would like to credit the GitHub page for Gephi were I ended up connecting the dots.

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