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Exchange Calendar Colours in WatchOS

I have been experiencing a minor but annoying issue with my Exchange Calendar in my Apple Watch. Actually it is also in my iPhone, but at lease there I can do something about it. Let me explain:

I have several calendars, some from different accounts and I colour code them to enable me to determine what each event is about and organise myself. For a particular Exchange account I have tries changing the colour in Outlook and that works fine within the MS ecosystem. When I sync the account with my iPhone, the colour is not maintained. In that case I can manually select the colour from the Calendars side menu. However, and this is the most annoying part, when looking at the events in my Apple Watch, the colour is not changed.

Here is how I have managed to fix this. Not a permanent fix, but hey… If you not a better way, please let me know:

  1. Remove the account on iPhone settings under Mail (just toggle the calendar off, no need to remove the whole account)
  2. Wait for the calendar to disappear from the watch
  3. Turn off the watch
  4. Go to the Watch app on the iPhone and go to General > Reset > Reset Sync Data
  5. Add the account back on Mail
  6. Fix the calendar colours in the calendars app on iPhone
  7. Wait for the iPhone calendar app to pull in all the events and make sure it’s all good
  8. Turn the Watch back on and wait for it to sync

Let me know if you have any other ways to fix this, including from source in Exchange! Cheers!

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