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“El Día E” in London

Instituto Cervantes
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Mañana, Cerveza, Siesta, Sol, Fiesta, Ser/Estar… Recognise any of these words? Well, then you might know more Spanish than you think. After Mandarin, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the World and it is used daily by millions of speakers, plus the number of countries that use it as its main/official language is quite impressive.

With that in mind the Instituto Cervantes in London together with branches in other 77 places around the World, is holding an all-day Spanish-speaking party on Saturday 18 June at its HQ in Eaton Square, Kensington.

‘El Dia E’ kicks off at 10am  with a wide and varied range of activities: from games for children, Mexican cooking (tamales, mmmm), Spanish cooking (paella), cheese tasting, live dancing, live music and a performance of Mexican folklore. And should you be interested in learning some Spanish, they will also be offering taster Spanish language classes.

So how much are they charging for all of this? Well NADA! It is free!

You can download the programme here.

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