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“Death Ray” in Las Vegas – or the Hottest Spot in Las Vegas Strip

I first heard this in a talk by Miguel Alonso in the School on Modern Optics at INAOE earlier on in May. I still think it is hilarious… seriously hilarious…

It turns out that in an effort to keep their recent building cool, the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas has come up with the idea of “energy-efficient” windows. ‘How do they work?’ do I hear you scream? Well, they are mirrored windows. The idea being that the desert Sun light is reflected out keeping the heat down inside the building… That would all be fine except that they have made the building curved and as such the entire 57-foot curved mirror is working as lens concentrating the light… The solar reflection is so strong that it has been dubbed the “Death Ray” hotel as it has already caused severe burns
 Death Ray Hotel
After posting this, I got to hear about a parody trailer for “Fryline”…

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