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Data Science and Analytics with Python

Well, it is not a surprise anymore that I am currently working on writing a second book. First time round it was a book motivated for the use of Matlab and its counterpart Octave in the area of simulations suitable for students of physics, mathematics, biology, economics and engineering. It was a very good experience, and it seems that I enjoyed it so much that I am embarking in another project.

This time round it is a book more geared up towards more seasoned programmers, developers and business people who are interested in learning more about data science and analytics. The  language of choice this time round is Python, and why not? It seems to be a popular choice and goes well with other activities I have recently been involved with.

I was, once again, pleasantly surprised that my publisher has already created an entry in their site to advertise the book. The date for delivery is currently utterly wrong, but please do keep an eye and I shall try to update you as to how the writing goes.

Data Science and Analytics with Python