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Photography, Books, Arts and Sports

Photography, Books, Arts and Sports

Soupy twist!

Enjoying a pilsner by the fire, while temperature outside is supposed to be -7 C. Soupy twist!

Christmas wish list

I wouldn’t mind one of these for Christmas! Haha via tweetie




I first read this poem more than 15 years ago, and I still find it very up-to-date. I am not a woman, but when I’m old I too might wear purple, or yellow or any… Read More »Warning

Now Reading: The Strangest Man

Got an early xmas present: ‘The strangest man’ by @grahamfarmelo. BTW thanks for the latest #ff via twittelator

Shinkansen in Taiwan

I just got this picture from my friend Koji Maruyama, who is visiting Taiwan for a conference at the moment. The train is a Japanese shinkansen that runs on French tracks from Taipei in the… Read More »Shinkansen in Taiwan


I also found out that my friend has also been given an title upgrade! ????????????????????????