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Photography, Books, Arts and Sports

Photography, Books, Arts and Sports


Xochitlahtol – Voz Florida If you are interested in learning some words in Nahuatl, visit my Xochitalhtol site here.

RFU Podcast Feed

Yet again an opportunity to fix the RFU podcast feed… This used to be a page in the site, but with the recent revamp it seemed better to have the entry as a post. I… Read More »RFU Podcast Feed

Now Reading: “Ikigai”

Now reading “Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life” by Héctor García and Frances Miralles. According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai—what a French philosopher might call a raison d’être. Some… Read More »Now Reading: “Ikigai”

Now Reading: Rabid

Now reading: Rabid, A cultural history of the World’s most diabolical virus , by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy

Now Reading: Sentient

Now Reading: Sentient by Jackie Higgins After reading a review of this book in the Guardian, I thought it was a good book to add to my list. Jackie Higgins explains how the animal kingdom… Read More »Now Reading: Sentient

Walk by the Thames

Walking by the Thames this afternoon and I saw this heron looking the world go by.