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Apple Watch – Not receiving Digital Touch

I got my Apple Watch a few days ago and I have been happily using it and enjoying every bit of it. It took me a while to sort out the settings (there are many), as well as figuring out what notifications I wanted to receive in the watch… For example, I quickly realised that getting notifications from Twitter was a bit too much (many mates I suppose), and I did like the idea of being reminded about standing up and all the rest of that.

One thing I had not been able to try was the Digital Touch messaging that you can do with the watch. Digital touch is the name Apple used for sending taps, scribbles and heart beats. In order to use it you need at least a contact with an Apple Watch. Of course you can always sign up for the Lonely Heart(beats) service people set up. I decided to wait… and finally yesterday I got to start using it. The only problem was that my friend could get my taps, but I was not able to receive any… I even thought that there was something wrong with mine… It turns out that it is (yet another) setting that needs to be taken into account. It seems that the Digital Touch works with the way in which you are set to start up iMessage conversations.

In order for the Digital Touch taps to be received you need to make sure that your iPhone starts conversations from the email address that is associated with your Apple Account, which is not necessarily the same as your iCloud!

You can check what address your phone uses for new iMessages

  1. Go Settings → Messages → Send & Receive,
  2. Look at the section called “start new conversations from”,
  3. Make sure there is a tick next to the email address associated with your Apple Account
  4. Also, check that your contacts have that email to start new conversations in the contact information they have about you.

Et voilà

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