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A hidden shortcut to switch to previous Desktop Space in Mac OS X

A picture of the Magic Trackpad next to the Ap...
A picture of the Magic Trackpad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine this, you are using Desktop 1 to write a long document and you are doing so with information that is displayed in Desktop 4. You can indeed move the relevant window from Desktop 4 to Desktop 1, but that simply does not help. So you end up moving back and forth between the two. Did you know that you can do this using a double-tap with four fingers on your trackpad? No? Well, this is because it is a hidden gesture. To activate the gesture all you have to do is open a Terminal (Finder – Applications – Utilitites – Terminal) and type the following two commands (please note that the first line is one command):

defaults write double-tap-jump-back -bool TRUE
killall Dock

The changes take effect immediately after the second command is issued. Enjoy!