World of Watson – Talk on Data Science

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the annual IBM conference in Las Vegas. The World of Watson conference, formally known as Insight,  provided me with an opportunity to meet new interesting people, talk to colleagues and customers, learn new things and share some ideas with like-minded people. As you can imagine, with Watson being at the centre stage of the event, there were a large number of presentations, stands and marketing featuring Watson-related things: from cognitive chocolate and brews through to cognitive computing and beyond.

World of Watson Presentation
World of Watson Presentation

My session took place on Monday October 24th and I was very pleased to see a full room, and even later standing-room only just minuted before the start. We covered some of the fundamentals of data science and machine learning and took the pulse of their use in the insurance industry in particular. I then had the opportunity of sharing some of the results of the work we have been doing over the past 12 months at the Data Science Studio in London. The case studies showcased included examples in insurance, banking, wealth management and retail.

All in all, it was a very successful and enjoyable trip, in spite of the constant flashing lights of the slot machines around Las Vegas different venues.

Bluemix – a set of tools/tutorials for app development

IBM’s Bluemix provides access to a large set of API’s such as Watson services like AlchemyAPI, Natural Language Classifier, Visual Recognition, Personality Insights and more. I have recently started playing with it a bit more. You can set up a free account (free for 30 days) and see what you think.

Check it out:

 Here is what IBM has to say about it:

Bluemix is the latest cloud offering from IBM. It enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture based on Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). Bluemix delivers enterprise-level services that can easily integrate with your cloud applications without you needing to know how to install or configure them.Bluemix

I will be happy to hear what you build and how you use bluemix. Keep in touch.