Snow, snow, snow

If you have been following the weather reports for the UK, you would be aware that there has been snow falling much earlier than expected.
In London there has been some of it, but not enough for it to stick around. Yesterday it was expected go be very cold, and for a while I was expecting it to hold the city still. It indeed was cold, but the sky was clear and there was even some sunshine.
Today, I ventured out of the city and I was pleasently surprised to see a White carpet covering the English country side. A truly marvellous view.

Snow 09

Snow in London – already?


It looks like it is Christmas already… It seems to be a bit early and people are getting quite excited about the whole thing. The snow is not yet sticking, but I guess you have to start somewhere.
Here is a picture I took earlier today, it doesn’t look like much, but believe me the smudges you might be able to see are flakes falling…
Have fun.

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