The physical book! Essential MATLAB and Octave

It has been a long wait, but finally today I got my hands on the physical version of my book. So pleased.

It is available from the publishers

Also in Amazon: Matlab and Octave Book


Essential MATLAB and Octave included in the Mathworks site

I am very pleased to see that the Mathworks has now added my book “Essential MATLAB and Octave” to their MathWorks Book Program Member Support Web site. They have now made available a page for the book and it can be reached here.

The book is available directly from the publishers, CRC, and also at Amazon.



Essential MATLAB and Octave – Marketing

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Learn Two Popular Programming Languages from One Volume

Essential MATLAB® and Octave
Essential MATLAB® and Octave
Jesús Rogel-Salazar, University of Hertfordshire, UK“This is an excellent book for anyone approaching MATLAB or Octave for the first time. … an easy read that will provide the necessary tools to begin working with MATLAB or Octave in a short period of time … .”
—Professor SabinoChávez-Cerda,INAOE,México, OSA FellowBuy Now

Also available in eBook.

Essential MATLAB® and Octave is a superb introductory textbook for those interested in learning how to solve scientific, engineering, and mathematical problems using two of the most popular mathematical programming tools available. The book assumes almost no prior experience with programming or scientific programming, and carefully takes the reader step by step through the use of the two languages for solving increasingly complex problems. …”
—Dr. Shashank Virmani, Brunel University LondonRead more reviews.

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“Essential MATLAB and Octave” is now available

I am so pleased to announce that my book “Essential MATLAB and Octave” is finally available. It has already been published in the US and you can take a look at the CRC Press.

In the UK it will be out around the 4th of December so keep an eye on the Amazon page.

Essential Matlab Octave Rogel-Salazar

I also want to share with you an endorsement from Prof Sabino Chávez-Cerda from INAOE:

This is an excellent book for anyone approaching Matlab or Octave for the first time. The pleasant language used throughout the book creates the sensation of having the author by your side. If you have the intention of self-learning the basics Matlab from where you can start doing big technical or scientific projects this is the book that will help you to get your goals.

This is friendly a hands on practical self-study guide to Matlab and Octave for the beginner. With words of advice and caution. This is not what could be considered formally a reference book, for that purpose one have the help within any of both programs, but this is a book that will take teach how to walk to be able to run on your own. An interesting feature are the examples used to explain the use of functions and operations. They appear to be simple but it is years of experience that show the opposite, they can be the building blocks of more complex programmes.

The author presents without complicated language in the first three chapters the necessary commands to start solving simple mathematical problems. In science an engineering results are usually displayed graphically in different kind of plots. One of the aspects that I want to highlight regarding this book is that, compared to other similar texts on Octave and Matlab, the author introduces at an early stage how to produce line and surface plots with Matlab and Octave. It is very attractive to students to be able to quickly produce plots with scientific journal quality. Having this tool is like having a springboard that is complemented with the commands coming in the next chapter.

Chapter 5 presents programming structures common to high level programming languages explaining the particularities for Matlab and Octave. Finally in Chapter 6 the author presents examples form different disciplines exposed in a very and straight forward way that once they are reproduced by the reader, he or she will have the confidence on working problems of their own disciplines being these easy or with a certain level of complexity.

The side help are great as they can also work as virtual bookmarks when required to comeback to the explanation of a Matlab or Octave command. It has been shown in psychology experiments that this kind of features in a paper book are kept in memory and that can be retrieved more easily when needed.

There are a very few books devoted to the learning of Octave, although this might be because its high compatibility with Matlab or lack of knowledge of its existence. The main difference between these two is that Matlab is a commercial software and Octave is an open source software. On the technical side between Matlab and Octave there are a few commands that are different but this book helps you highlighting the most useful ones. Introducing Octave, is a plus for this book in developing countries where access to software with prices above one thousand dollars are simply beyond of considering even for universities.

I have found this obstacle in Mexican and Brazilian Universities where I was invited to teach a course on Computational Physics, the universities did not own Matlab and did not have the resources to buy it. I am a Matlab user but knowing of Octave I suggested to get it and install it, they were so happy as they had two things at once the course and a software that could be used for future generations.

The book is just the right size at above the two hundred pages that are enlarged by the friendly format that otherwise would be below the two hundred pages line. The density and the writing style of the text makes it easy to read and grab the information intended to be learned. It has references to recent literature and also provides information about relevant websites.

In conclusion, the book Essential Matlab and Octave, a Beginners handbook is an easy read that will provide the necessary tools to begin working with Matlab or Octave in a short period of time, that with some dedication it can be of no more than two weeks.

Prof. Sabino Chávez-Cerda
INAOE, México, OSA Fellow

Essential MATLAB and Octave – Closer to publication date

The publication date of “Essential MATLAB and Octave” is getting closer and closer. I would like to use this as an opportunity to share yet another endorsement, this time from Dr Hiram Luna-Munguia from the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan:

This well-written book is a must-have for those people starting to solve numerical problems in Matlab or Octave. Since the beginning the reader will appreciate that the book´s major goal is to describe the essential aspects of both software without discrediting or highlighting the use of any of them. Page by page you will find clear explanations describing the way you should communicate with each software. The set of homework problems given at the end of each chapter makes the book even more dynamic.

Students and experts will warmly welcome Essential Matlab and Octave: A Beginner’s Handbook into their libraries. I highly recommend it as an excellent reference tool.

Essential Matlab Octave Rogel-Salazar


Essential Matlab and Octave – Endorsement

With the up-coming publishing of my book Essential Matlab and Octave, it is great to star receiving endorsements from practitioners and lecturers that have had a chance to review the book. Here I have the pleasure of sharing one:

Essential Matlab Octave Rogel-Salazar


From: Dr Alan McCall, University of Hertfordshire.

The text provides a clear and easy paced introduction to Matlab and Octave. The presentation is example led and contains plenty of useful applications drawn from mathematics, physics and engineering. This beginner’s handbook will suit a broad scientific readership.

Key features:

  • The in-parallel coverage of Matlab and Octave.
  • All key software features are covered in a concise and careful manner.
  • Includes many of the common scientific computing tasks for which the software can be used.
  • Contains a wide range of applications from linear algebra, portfolio analysis, differential equations, signal processing, wave motion and quantum mechanics.
  • Provides lots of useful practical tips not found in other texts.
  • The numerous in text examples and end of chapter exercises encourage learning by doing.
  • A suitable text for a short course or a useful reference for self-study.

Matlab and Octave book: Update

I am super excited as I have just received what seem to be the final corrections from the CRC Press copyeditors in regards to my book “Essential MATLAB and Octave”. The total corrections amounts to one (1) comma! Not bad!

You can have a look at the CRC Press for the book here.

In Amazon, you can find the book here.

Essential Maltab Octave Rogel-Salazar

Essential MATLAB and Octave

As probably some of you know, I am currently writing a book about MATLAB and Octave focussed at new comers to both programming and the MATLAB/Octave environments. The book is tentatively entitled “Essential MATLAB and Octave” and I am getting closer and closer to getting the text finished. The next step is preparing exercises and finalising things. My publisher, CRC Press, has been great and I hope the book does well.

I’m aiming to finish things by May and in principle the book will be available from Novemeber or so. The whole process does take a while but I am really looking forward to seeing the finished thing out there.

So, what triggered this post? Well, I have seen the appearance of a site with the book announced. I am not sure if these are usual practices but in any case it is a good thing, don’t you think?