Working remotely…

Empty offices seem to be the new norm.

The current situation with #COVID has definitely accelerated a trend that was slowly being embraced. There are some pros and cons.

The chief executive of Barclays, Jes Staley, has suggested that piling 7,000 employees into a tall building “may be a thing of the past”. Large numbers of businesses have reported that productivity has been maintained, or even enhanced, as people work from home. Firms’ accountants will have taken note.

However, the normalisation of remote working will also have an impact on younger workers who, though digitally native, are also more likely to live in cramped circumstances and miss the kind of formative experiences that happen in a physical workplace.

Physics horror novel… not quite

Yesterday, I received a tweet from @FQXi in response to the following tweet I posted on January 8th:

“For the first time in the lab after many moons. Strange feeling seeing the signal in the oscilloscope :)”

I have to confess that the comment made by @FQXi me laugh out loud:

“@quantum_tunnel This sounds like it should be the opening of a physics horror novel. ;-)”

It does indeed sounds ominous enough to prepare the reader to enter the obscure depths of an optics lab. Not quite a new Frankenstein monster, but what about the old one with a brand new powerful laser! Then again, maybe not.

Have fun!