Japanese chiisai characters in Katakana

Ki (kana)
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Writting the  “chiisai” Japanese characters when using Hiragana(ひらがな)is quite straight forward. Chiisai (小さい) means small, and it helps to make a different sound by combining a character with a chiisai one.

For instance to write ちょっと, you have to type the following keys: “chotto”, which produces the “chiisai yo” and “chiisai tsu” needed to write this Japanese word.

However, it seems that when using Katakana (カタカナ) things become a bit complicated, so here is how to produce the chiisai characters:

ッ (Katakana)

xtu (key sequence)

キャ キュ キョ (Katakana)
kya kyu kyo (key sequence)

シャ シュ ショ (Katakana)
sha shu sho (key sequence)

チャ チュ チョ (Katakana)
cha chu cho (key sequence)

ニャ ニュ ニョ (Katakana)
nya nyu nyo (key sequence)

ヒャ ヒュ ヒョ (Katakana)
hya hyu hyo (key sequence)

ミャ ミュ ミョ (Katakana)
mya myu myo (key sequence)

リャ リュ リョ (Katakana)
rya ryu ryo (key sequence)

ギャ ギュ ギョ (Katakana)
gya gyu gyo (key sequence)

ジャ ジュ ジョ (Katakana)
ja ju jo (key sequence)

ビャ ビュ ビョ (Katakana)
bya byu byo (key sequence)

ピャ ピュ ピョ (Katakana)
pya pyu pyo (key sequence)

Exceptional character.
These are basically used only for technical words.
[Katakana – (key sequence)]
ウィ (uxi)
クァ (kuxa)
クィ (kuxi)
クェ (kuxe)
クォ (kuxo)
ティ (texi)
フュ (fyu)
ディ (dexu)
ヴァ (va)
ヴィ (vi)
ヴェ (ve)
ヴォ (vo)

I came across this trick in Yahoo answers.

Quick switching for Kana syllabaries in OS X

If you type things in Japanese, you have quite likely come across the problem of switching between Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ).
Japanese syllabary, Hiragana あ (A) .
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You can switch between Hiragana and Katakana by holding down Shift while typing.

As an example, typing in  わたしはヘススです。requires Hiragana, Katakana, and Hiragana again. The quickest way to write this sentence starting from the US English Keyboard would be as follows (assuming you enabled the Command-Space Bar switching method:

  1. Press Command-Space Bar.
  2. Type the following keys: “watashiha “.
  3. Hold down the Shift key to switch to Katakana, then type “HESUSU “.
  4. Let go of Shift to switch back to Hiragana, and type “desu.”

Mojibakeru – 文字化ける

Bandai, a Japanese toy company, will release a new series of trading figures in the form of kanji that transforms into its animal counterpart.

The product is called “Mojibakeru” [もじバケる] which is a compound word of “Moji” [文字] meaning “character” and “Bakeru” [化ける] meaning “to change into.”

I think this might be an excellent way to remember kanji, at least those for animals. There will initially be 6 kanji to collect and will cost a mere 105 yen each, but more would be great!

Tori Kanji

Tori - Bird