Now Reading: Dark Data

Now Reading: Dark Data by David Hand

I first came across a mention of this book in the Summer 2020 number of Imperial, the magazine for the Imperial College Community in a feature note about the book.

It sounded like an interesting read and I had a look for the Princeton University Press book and to my surprise I found an version in Italian published by Rizzoli a few months earlier… I wonder how that worked out. It was cheaper and I was tempted to give it a go in Italian with the name Il tradimento dei numeri (i.e. “The betrayal of the numbers”…). I wonder what hidden story is behind all this…

In the end I decided to go for the English version… Let’s see how it goes.

David Hand is emeritus professor of mathematics at Imperial College London, a former president of the Royal Statistical Society, and a Fellow of the British Academy.

There is a website dedicated to the book:

Flourish – data visualisation made easy

I recently came across Flourish, a data visualisation tool that makes things easy and can be used even if your programming skills are a bit rusty. The tool is the brainchild of studio Kiln, who have made the tool entirely web-based and they even offer a free public version.

Starting up is easy as you are encouraged to use templates and can upload your data from a CSV or Excel. Some of the templates offer the usual scatterplots and bar charts, but you also have things like Sankey diagrams or 3D globe maps. If you are interested you can also create your own custom templates.

Flourish’s free version allows you to publish and share visualisations, or to embed them in your website. Beware that the data will be visible to everyone once you publish. Give it a go and let me know what you think.