Hello I’m J Rogel-Salazar and welcome to the Quantum Tunnel website. Curiosity and enquiry has helped me follow a winding path that has passed from physics, chemistry, finance, analytics and even data journalism. I obtained a PhD at Imperial College for work on ultra cold atoms and quantum atom optics. I have held academic and research posts for Imperial College London and the University of Hertfordshire, as well as for organisations such as Dow Jones and Prudential. I have published a number of academic papers and I am the author of a beginners Programming book “Essential Matlab and Octave” and preparing another book on Data Science and Analytics using Python.

When not working you can find me tuned into sci-fi films (good and bad), watching rugby or writing bits and pieces for this blog.


As you can judge from the contents in this site, my interests are I find interesting, and in general they can be grouped in to 3 major things:

  • I enjoy using analytical tools and methods; if they can be applied to practical applications even better
  • I’m am interested in visualisation from photography to data presentation… and as mentioned elsewhere from manga to watercolours.
  • I am fascinated by technology and its applications

In particular, I enjoy the fact that analytical techniques have let me delve in a variety of sciences and disciplines.

Speaking Engagements and Getting in touch

The easiest way to get in touch is via email. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in:

  • Training Workshops
  • Speaking events
  • Consulting
  • Seminars
  • Joint Research
jrogel.datascience (at) iCloud (dot) com

A list of speaking engagements can be found here:

Speaking Engagements

Wishlist and wishful thinking

This site remains ad-free and if you enjoy it and find value in the content, please consider supporting me. Perhaps you can help me get useful resources from my whishlist.

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